Well, in tribute to that great game called NFL football here is a place where Scott and I hang it all on the line and bet on those meaningful statistics of the year. The process of betting on all of the statistics that we can find is a tough one which usually involves needing some beer to make the wager, and of course some one-upmanship. The talleying of points is as follows. You get 1 beer if you are more correct than the other halfbrainer. You also can get a beer if you guessed the right person (i.e. a beer for pulling that one out of nowhere.)

(2001) Well it looks like Scott wanted revenge for my come from behind work from the previous year. If you want to see last years commentary, and results, go here.

(2000) This season was a doozy with me pulling it out in the end and actually managing to win the beer bets. This was the first year that we did the betting so we were tame with just a few categories, the season end snapshot is here.

2002 Season

This year, the comments are reverse sorted by the week, so you don't have to scroll to the bottom to find the current comments. And the current bet status can be found here.

Week #21 (Super Bowl)
Damn, what a season, what a party, and what a blowout. Sure the Raiders tried to help their cause by scoring a few late TDs, but we all know that was total domination on the field. Just goes to show why John Gruden should have won Coach of the Year. (No I won't get of the soap box for that one). This years party was pretty smooth. Made smoother by the Long Islands that Kurtis poured at 11am for us. Seems like we have the party down (and after so many years one would hope so). I only had to eat left over dip for 2 days. Much better than the weeks that it sometimes seems to take. With the end of the season comes the end of the betting. Unfortunately I was unable to close the gap, but did a furious comeback, and finished 59-62. The beers will be settled during the NFL draft. So thus closes yet another season of get togethers, drunkeness, double entendres, commercials, and twins...um I mean football. Was a great year and am already looking forward to another season. Till next year.... -Dale

Week #20 (Conference Championships)
This weekend Guinness met a new friend, Shabang. Shabang is a chow/lab mix who is still quite energetic and that might have been a little too much for our doggy friend Guinness, whos idea of a good time is a really long nap. The Dogs got along okay, but I don't think that they became best friends. I am sure after a few more times, they will be cool with each other. Scott hosted the Championships this week and man was it a weekend. We managed to head out for some par 3 golf, which was fun even though I lost by 2 strokes. Also this was the first time that Bernadette had played golf on american soil. The whole time Robin Williams recient bit on golf was going through my head. That evening in honor of Tennessee we had a ton of Jack Daniels with our evening entertainment, which included Foosball and Grand Theft Auto 3. If you haven't played the game I highly recommend it for just how wrong it is. =) Food this week was easier just because there was only one day of eating. Scott made cream cheese stuffed blueberry french toast in honor of Philidelphia, then Bacon Cheese fries and JD marinated steak and pork. Man I was so stuffed. It was all wonderful and added to the waist line. Due to the Superbowl and divisional races being decided a little more, the stats are now only 6 beers apart 56-62. (Editors Note: I believe that this value is now correct as both Scott and I have petitioned certain results)

Week #19 (Divisional Weekend)
This week I hosted once again, to make up for all the times that I had crashed down at Scotts during College football season. So there was much drinking, as I knew that the Steelers would be playing a tough game. I believe the longer the game went on, the more I drank. I do remember the OT field goals (all 3 that were kicked) and was disappointed, but on retrospect it at least lets me enjoy the following weeks of football without screaming. It was quite a game none the less and going to OT just helped to show how well matched the teams were. The rest of the games had moments of it looking like a game, but then the better team managed to pull ahead. So at least for a few quarters the games kept our attention. I was semi glad to host again for it meant I could do the menu item which was dropped from the prior week. Food was as follows. (Tenn) Fried Banana sandwiches in honor of Elvis. (Atlanta) BBQ Ribs, and cheesy potatoes (Phily. It was originally supposed to be GB). Sunday (SF) Sourdough waffles and bacon (for the Refs). Dinner was home made pizza for NY once again. On the Betting side, this is the first update in a while, and I was surprised to find that I was only 7 beers behind, 52-59.

Week #18 (Daring Steelers)
This weekend was a weird one. Saturday night the games were both blow outs and very boring. Then Sunday, both games were amazing come from behind victories with people wondering about the final play. Sure it looks like the Giants got the short end of the stick, but fundamentally you probably shouldn't have let them come from 24 points down. The Steelers were daring to allow such a big lead. I am sure that all the yelling I did helped them kick it into high gear. I don't know howmany times I had given up on them during the game. Man it was frustraiting. So for the playoffs the menu was as follows, (NY Jets) Pizza. (Green Bay) Cheesy Dip. Unfortunately due to full stomachs the ribs for Atlanta were not eaten (see week 19). Sunday was (Pittsburgh), Steeler scramble, and then NY coney Island dogs on Sour dough (SF). More than enough food to kill both scott and I.

Week #17 (Beyer Brothers)
Well just like getting together for the first game of the season a whole 17 weeks ago, Scott and I managed to get together on the final Monday Night Football game. This was partially due to its placement around new years, and also due to the fact that the University of Oregon game was on just prior, and Mom said she would make a Superbowl sandwich. I got flack from Scott saying that it was better than the one that I make. See if he gets any during the actual superbowl. Oh, and I managed to drown in the fact that scott couldn't drink beer at the Lucky Lab, through the use of my family. Needless to say Bernadette was amused, but Scott wasn't.

Week #16
Well right in the middle of Christmas time, there was no get together, and unfortunately no capturing of the stats.

Week #15 (Eating Heavy)
Well Scott managed to fit in a trip up North as part of his hecktic weekend of 2 Christmas partys, one of which included an all you can eat chinese buffet. So he was quite stuffed when arriving at probably the earliest he has ever been awake on a Sunday. Why he made the trip would be because I had told him the proposed menu, and that put the car into high gear for Portland. We enjoyed German Pancakes, the usual Bean Dip, Football Calzones, and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Cake. That plus sampling the home made egg nog to make sure that it was up to quality standards that my Brother will demand. Just to be sure we did have to do 2 glasses. Football was really good this week with the local affiliates once again surprising me with good games. Sure we got the Seachicken game vs Atlanta, but that turned out to be a good overtime game. Then on the other Channel Scotty got to yell at the Dolphins. Then the afternoon was filled with Greenbay v San Fran. All in All a good football day. On the Bet front I regained some lost territory, but somehow feel like I am just playing for pride at this point. The score is now 41-56. At least that sorrow can be consoled with the fact that I won the weekly office football pool.

Week #14
So much to my surprise this Sunday when I awoke and turned on the TV, I was greeted with not 1 bad game in my lineup. Well okay so some of the games became blowouts, but on paper they were a lot better than having to watch the SeaChickens or the Lions. I spent most of the day actually working and watching the games. So consequently for not paying attention, not only did the Steelers lose in an embarrassing game, but them I got crushed in fantasy. Man what a downer of a weekend. Scott enjoyed Bend and the holiday parade that his dad helps coordinate. On the bet front my misery continues as the bet is 39-59. I am starting to think that I am going to have to drink all 39 of my beers at once to try and reduce my misery.

Week #13
This is the beginning of the holiday season as we make our trips home, spend time with the Family, watch football from Thursday through Sunday, and get stomach flus. Well okay maybe it is just me that does that last part. The only, and I mean only, positive thing I can get from my flu is that over Thanksgiving I managed to hold my weight steady. But I suppose that is really stretching things. Personally I would rather have had the weight gain than to have been layed up all Friday on the couch. Guinness was more than happy to sleep all friday for he got to play with Sam, Kim's Dad's dog all thanksgiving. In the spirit of sharing the dogs decided to swap food. But after all that running around he was certainly a tired pup. Football was good for me, while Scott had to agonize over his Dolphins, as he got to watch that at home with his Dad. I think the hardest part for him is that he probably had to be on good behavior. On the bet front things have also developed a flu for my total as it continues to plummet. The score now stands at 41-55, and I am thinking I am going to need a small minor miracle to pull things out.

Week #12 (Civil War)
This was the mighty Civil War here in Oregon, where the two state Universities play to see who "ownes" the state. Kim and I attended while Bern and Scott watched it on TV. The most amazing thing about the civil war is the energy at the stadium. It was quite intense, and everyone was wearing their colors to show their pride. Needless to say the stadium was very orange. On Friday we all gathered at the Lucky Lab for some pizza and beer before attending a play about Woody Guthrie, which had Jeff, Scott's brother. The most embarrassing thing was that Scott was unable to finish his beer, while making Bernadette finish hers. This means that I have secured the who drinks the most beer, for I even finished off Scott's Dad's beer because I hate to see good things go to waste. Sunday was a good day with plenty of football, crushed chips, and luckily victories. This was the pinnicle of weekends for victorious were the Beavers, Dolphins, Steelers, and both Scott and my Fantasy football teams. I am sure that the payback for this occuring is going to be a bear. Scott did a great job hosting, with chips, dip, a deep dish pizza, blue berry pancakes, sausage, bean dip, and italian sausage sandwiches. I was on an accelerated schedule to visit a friend leaving to Texas, so didn't get to fully enjoy the sandwiches, for I only ate half of one. On the Bet front, I am seeing some of the kickback already with losing my once narrow lead and now am 11 beers behind 44-55.

Week #11 (Retro Weekend)
Well we went "Retro Style" for our football watching this weekend. Had the ole NFL.com updating us with scores while we watched what ever we were given. Luckily they were good games, with the Chiefs and Bills, and then the San Diego/San Fran game. The Beavers managed to pull out a victory this weekend and being in a celebration mood, and having a B-day party to go to, we piled into the cars (since Kim was oncall) and headed off to McMins for beer, burgers and fun. Then I caught Scott up on the missed Southparks and Futurama from the prior weeks. Always fun to watch the computer, but this time I had it hooked up to the TV. To "ease" into the weekend we had fresh brownies hot out of the oven, covered with ice cream and hot fudge. Then Sunday I did an improvement to the Steeler Scramble by beer battering the hashbrowns, and then served up some Orange Dream smoothies to give us good luck. Unfortunately there was no luck for the Steelers, except for the fact that the injury to Tommy Maddox wasn't serious and he is walking around (whew). Then we had Chili Cheese dip, more brownies and ice cream, then what will forever be known as 1/2 lb hickory chicken onion ring sandwiches. I think that scott wanted to do steroid testing on the chicken that produced those breasts that I used for the sandwiches. On the bet front, just to show that I am a good guy, I lowered the requirement on the number of carries to a paultry 3 so that Reuben Droughns could appear on the list. That plus all the close bets made the pendulum swing in the favor of Scott 45-50.

Week #10
Man what a lazy weekend for this half of the brain. I spent the entire weekend inside relaxing watching football. Sure I did go grocery shopping and actually went out for dinner on Friday, but otherwise the weekend was indoors and spend very reclined on the couch. Quite nice. Scott had way too much activity this weekend and thus scared me away from coming down. So to get my football fix, I had to resort to his play by play call over the cell phone for the Steeler Overtime, which ended in a Tie. Not only was this frustraiting but I had to modify a script to properly handle a column I hadn't accounted for in team standings. Unfortunately for Scott his weekend was not as Lossless as the Dolphins continued the tail spin call Ray Lucas. At least he was playing roller hockey and didn't have to suffer during the game. I think also that an overconfident Scott talked way too much smack for this week, as I have pulled into the lead 50-44.

Week #9 (HappyHalloween)
Well another halloween party and another midseason review. This weekend was a travelfest with Halloween up at my house in Portland, then an OSU game in Corvallis on Saturday. So a lot of driving was done by all, but all had a good time. While Kim and I attended the OSU game, Scott, Bern, Angelique, and Jefe did a tour of Portland. Then Saturday night we attended an OSU Country Western Dance. Then the relaxed Sunday of eating way too much and flipping around a ton of football games. I was getting frustraited flipping around the time the Steeler Game was 14-3. Luckily Scott took control of the remote and Tommy Maddox did the same to the Steelers, as they pulled out a victory. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the Dolphins on Monday Night. Food this weekend was 6 layer bean dip, pizza, chili velveta dip on Friday night and Sunday morning was fresh homemade bread for French Toast, orange bean dip and Italian sausages and fries for dinner. I heard rumors that alcohol was also involved during the weekend but as I don't remember, I cannot validate them. Scott managed to halt the slide of his lead for the midseason review, and is holding steady with a 49-45 point lead.

Week #8 (LightWeight)
So I personally am going to blamie the fact that I was coming off of illness for my lame activity but actually we have no excuse. Beavers win a great game and instead of partying we kind of winded things down early and all were asleep by 10:30. The worse part of this was that this was the weekend to fall the clocks back, and thus we could have stayed up even later. It was an interesting experience to have breakfast done with by 9am, and actually be ready for the games. The Steelers managed a win, while scott's doctor finally got scott to not watch a dolphin game, mainly because of their BYE this week. Another great weekend of football action, and with only 3 afternoon games, a nap was had by all. Food was great, as we enjoyed scrumptious Cheeseburgers with Honey Mustard flavor on Saturday, then Sunday was pancakes and omletes, then taquitos for snack, and peperoni pizza for dinner. I was stuffed. On the score front, I have made even more progress and it is now a narrow 3 point lead. I am sure that scott will kick in the afterburners after midseason reviews (next week). The score is now 45-48.

Week #7 (ClubMed)
This weekend we made our annual sojurn over to the other side of the mountains to kick it at Scotts Parents House, otherwise known as Club Med. Friday Kim, Guinness and I head over to meet Scott and Bernadette over there, and enjoyed the nice night by watching stars in the Hot Tub. (No Guinness didn't partake in the hot tub). Weather was beautiful over there as we enjoyed the dry Climate. Unfortunately I got really sick on Saturday Night and was down for the count on Sunday. Heard that there were some wonderful Pancakes and sausage for Breakfast and Quesidillas. Oh well. Scotts Dad was bummed as well seeing as he stocked his fridge for our arrival and now has a fair amount of beer. I did manage to catch some of the games, and it was fun to watch Scott flip channels on a different TV. The only good news that I got this week, besides a Steeler win (and a subsequent Fantasy Football win) was that the gap continues to shrink. Scott's once commanding lead of 33-56 is now only 41-49.

Week #6 (GnarlyWine)
Well the going to to watch sports and be disappointed continued this weekend as we decided to head out to a Portland WinterHawks game. Not only was there only one fight, but the Hawks seemed lifeless. Oh well, we definitely made up for it by a wonderful suggestion by Jefe, scotts brother. We headed over to the BrassHorse, a small english pub. I got Gnarly with some Gnarly Wine, a very nice Barley wine, which put me in a really happy place. Scott followed with an imperial pint as well (I worked on my second one) and joined me. Sunday seemed less hecktic as I haven't gotten the NFL ticket so we didn't flip between all the games. Was kind of weird but relaxing at the same time. I moved out a Pool Table in the morning, and then settled in for the games. That evening a new halfbrainer to the group showed up to his new house, Guinness. As for food, we ate too much once again, starting the morning off with Sausage, Cheese, and Eggs, with Sourdough Waffles. Then Orange Bean Dip, and then of course the dinner was an attempt at replicating a Stanich burger. (A wonderful burger with Bacon, Ham, Egg and Cheese). Top it all of with Tater Tots. A meal so large that Jefe without true training was unable to finish. (The rest of us of course polished it off no problem). In the score department, Scott lost more ground this week and the score is now 39-53. I sure hope that the mighty MO I seem to have developed keeps up.

Week #5 (FoosBall)
So there was a frustraiting home game for the Oregon State Beavers this weekend, so while in town, Scott hosted the football festivities. We had a good time, and much to our dismay there was plenty of Coors Light on hand. Scott showed his dislike for the beer by pooring it all over himself while attempting to shotgun a beer. I personally just think that it was bad form. We will have to work on his shotgun skills, although that definitely is one way to not drink Coors Light. 2 nights of mucho alcohol capped a wonderful weekend of Foosball, Football, and General Lazyness, barring the Rollerblading on Saturday evening. On Sunday Direct TV got a workout, because we flipped between the Steeler and Dolphin games on a play by play basis. Was kind of cool, but by the end of the evening I was truely overloaded on Football. Scotty pulled off a beautiful menu which contained French Toast, Pizza, Steeler Scramble, Orange Bean dip, and Chili Dawgs (in tribute to the Dawg pound). Great weekend, but made the scale unhappy with me in the morning. There was a sign of progress in the bets since it is now only 33-54.

Week #4
No Get together this weekend. I was superbusy doing home improvement projects with the parents, which consisted of getting insulation all over me, screen doors, and a very happy Home Depot. But I just keep telling myself that this will help the house in the winter and make it warmer. Scott meanwhile was off camping for the last time of the season. Mother Nature laughed at his attempt to camp in late September, by raining quite hard on him Saturday night. On the football front, I am not going to mention the OSU game since I don't think that they showed up to the game (at least the offense). In the NFL, there were a couple of interesting games, and I personally was glad that I wasn't hooked up with Direct TV just yet. I don't think that I could have taken that overtime win by the Steelers. The new results are in, and I am still getting beat up upon. 33-56.

Week #3 (DrunkenBeyers)
Well this was the first get together on a Sunday, and Scott rung it in with a Direct TV hookup and all the games. So while other people in the area were Snoozing to the SeaChickens and Giants fighting it out to a 6-9 final, we were able to flip around and watch better games (i.e. anything). My Brother made a special guest appearance from Japan, and we did our best to drink Scotty out of home. The best way to do this is to start at noon with the drinking. I think the final talley was 5L of beer, finishing off a bottle of Jose, and the Captian, and who knows what else was mixed in the late hours of the night. Foodwise Scotty didn't let us down with a new dip (A Baked Onion Cheese Dip), and then some Bacon Cheesburgers. We did also try out the new Pizza Hut XL deal, which brought the much needed 2L of mixer. . . um I mean Cherry Pepsi for the Malibu. If this is the way that all get togethers are going to be, we are in trouble.

Well I was off in Pendelton doing damage to my liver, while Scott was doing some other thing. So no get together this weekend. And still no working scripts. Go figure that all the places I used to get the stats have changed formats....

Week #1 (Start(ofthe)Season)
Okay so this was the weekend that Scott was off to Dave Matthews so we only kind of snuck in a Gathering on the Thursday night game. Nevermind it was over by the time that he actually arrived. We placed all of our football bets, had a few beers and a frozen pizza. Not the way to start things off, but with the hellish pace that we always seem to have at the end of the season it probably is appropriate.