Well as of 10-13-2002, there is a new, smarter furrier halfbrainboy. His name is Guinness and he is pictured below. He is an amazing dog, and very wonderful. Just in case you are curious he is a black lab / pitbull mix. He proved his abilities the first night by almost clearing out the room with his gas.

On this page I'll mainly keep pictures of him.
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Latest Image

It is fall here and Guinness and I went out for a walk with the leaves. Luckily I had my digital camera with me. I like these pictures so much that I am hoping that the grounds people here at work don't clean it up for my film camera tomorrow.

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Another picture of Guinness and Leaves
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Guinness in Bend
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Another shot of guinness in Bend
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Here is Guinness enjoying his new furry buddy a little Hippo
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Another shot of that poor Hippo
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Quick first Photo on 10/14/2002.
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