Canada trip

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These are what I consider the better pictures taken on the trip. I tried to pair it down to roughly 60 pictures from the original 500+.


Here are reconstructions of the panorama's I took. These have been greatly reduced in size to help with download speed and so that hopefully they fit on your screen

Up on top of Whistler

Up on top of Whistler(different location)

The view along the road to Whistler

The waterfront near the Seattle Aquarium

If you want all of the gorey pictures which I took (~500) here they are for your parusal. Don't say I didn't warn you. Day 1, is mainly Buchart Gardens with some nice evening Sunset pictures. Day 2 is Whistler, and Day 3 is a new Casino and Seattle.

Day 1 7/24

Day 2 7/25

Day 3 7/26

Heathers Pictures